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Control Screen
Our easy to use touch screen powder oven control system
The "Cure Temp" can be changed while the oven is running. A numeric touchpad will pop up when the "375" cure temperature is touched on the main screen (left).
Here the "cure time" is set for 10 minutes & the "cure temp" is set for 375 degrees. The oven is ready to start the cure cycle.
Main Screen
Pop Up Numeric Touchpad
Real Time Oven Profiling!!!
Easy Easy Easy Setup!

Here the cure cycle has 3 minutes left and the burner is burning at 15% capacity.
The oven temperature is holding very close to the set temperature.
T1 = control thermocouple
T2 = clip or magnetic thermocouple

T3 = clip or magnetic thermocouple
T4 = (Now shows High Limit Temp)
The temperature chart shows the oven was started, stopped, then restarted.

2 speed ovens will ramp to the "Gel Time" then switch to high speed
Cure Cycle Setup Screen
Light bar changes color and horn sounds when cure cycle is complete
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