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Air Flow
Electrostatic powder coating stays on the piece sprayed because of the electrostatic charge the powder coating carries from the electrostatic powder gun. Think of dust on a TV screen. Too much air velocity or turbulence in the powder coating oven can blow this powder off before it melts and adheres to the part. To avoid this many ovens use less than optimal air circulation. We solve the problem by using variable speed fans that start off slower the speed up when the powder coating melts. This produces a better finish and faster cycle times.
Why our powder ovens are different (and better)
* Not all powder ovens incorporate all these features
More features & performance for the price.
Air release slots in the top and back of doors* produce a laminar air flow for even heat throughout the powder oven.
powder oven air flow Variable speed recirculating fan* automatically increases air circulation after powder coat is gelled to prevent powder "blow off" and shorten the cure cycle time required.
True 10 air changes per minute* for total oven volume. Some people calculate air changes only on the work space in the oven. In some oven designs this over states the actual number of air changes significantly. We believe anywhere air flows in the oven should be included in the calculation.
Variable speed exhaust fan* shortens powder oven purge time and saves energy. Exhaust fan automatically slows down after the purge cycle is complete.
No dead or wasted space in the powder oven. Side discharge designs require wasted space in oven and parts cannot be placed close to the sides or powder may be blown off. That said, a side discharge design is sometimes required. We offer both.
Typical Side Discharge Design powder oven
Our Laminar Flow Design Powder Oven
powder oven air flow endview
  • High air release velocity required to move air to center of oven.
  • Parts can not be placed close to sides or powder will blow off.
  • Oven must be oversized for required working area
  • Cold spots center bottom and upper corners.
  • Lower air release velocity required.
  • Parts can be placed close to sides.
  • Working area is full width of oven.
  • No cold spots
  • No wasted space in oven
powder oven laminar air flow
This type is at least 12" wider for the same working area width.
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